Toby is 4 months old!

4 month old baby
Four months! I can’t believe four months have passed since my little bear was born. One the one hand it seems to have flown by but on the other he seems to have been with us forever!

Toby is developing so fast these days so I’m planning a monthly update to keep a track of where he’s up to.

He is holding his head really well now. He can sit in his Bumbo seat although does still seem to list to one side a bit. He also takes his weight on his legs really well and likes to stand with support.

Tummy time continues to go well – Toby has been able to lift his head since he was born pretty much but he now pushes up on his arms and has just figured out he can move them to reach for stuff. He does get frustrated on his tummy though – I think because he really wants to move but can’t yet! He’s rolled over from his front to his back on his own twice now but I think it was more luck than really on purpose. Toby is suffering a bit from plagiocephaly, or flat head, so we have to try and get him on his tummy or sitting up as much as possible when he’s awake to give it the best chance we can of growing into a more normal shape.

Toby has recently found his voice a lot more and likes to make lots of babbling noises but no distinct syllables yet. Although a few weeks ago he did very clearly just say ‘A’ but he hasn’t done it since! His chatting makes me laugh so much – he always seems quite serious about it. So cute.

No teeth yet – one of the babies from our NCT class has two already. And no real signs that they are imminent either. Toby is quite dribbley but he doesn’t really chew on anything and has only just started putting things in his mouth. I’ve started doing a bit of research about weaning but we’re planning on leaving that to as near six months as we can.

He can grasp toys and things fairly accurately and his now learning to let them go as well. We’re pretty sure he’s going to be left handed though as he really seems to favour hitting or grabbing toys on his bouncy chair or baby gym with his left hand.

And lastly, sleep. Toby is still sleeping through the night; about 14 hours usually, and hopefully that won’t change any time soon! The nap situation is improving too and I’ve managed to get him to have a nap of between one and two hours every afternoon this week.

So that’s it really. Toby seems to learn something new every day at the moment so I wonder where he’ll be when we get to five months?

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4 thoughts on “Toby is 4 months old!

  1. Lovely! Do you use a sling at all? That can help with taking the weight off of the back of their heads too.

    Its great writing these records, reading this has taken me right back to when Little Owl was 4 months – she hated tummy time and never crawled (well she tried it for 3 weeks when she was 15 months old) but she was using her bumbo loads by then!

    • We do use a sling sometimes – I’m looking to get a new carrier though. We’ve got a Moby wrap at the mo’ and although it’s really comfortable (for both of us) I find it a faff to put on so don’t use it as much as I could. Thinking of getting something like an Ergo or Lillebaby carrier but want to try before I spend £100+ on one!

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