Review: miamoo travel goodies

miamoo travel goodies
As I have mentioned before, Toby, like me, suffers from eczema. It is only quite mild – a few patches on the back of his knees and his arms, and more recently two small dry patches on his face. We have creams which have been prescribed by the doctor but I don’t like to use these medicated creams any more than is necessary. So when we were given the opportunity to try some products designed to help prevent dry skin and eczema I was eager to give them a go.

Saira Khan is the founder of miamoo. After a lifetime of dry skin Saira decided to research and produce natural products which could be used not only on adult dry and sensitive skin but also on children and babies. There are six miamoo products, each with many possible uses. All the products are at least 97% natural and don’t contain any nasty chemicals. The miamoo products are designed for their recommended 3 step skincare routine – wash, moisturise, massage.

The Details

We were sent the miamoo travel goodies set which contains miniature versions of all six miamoo products. There are three products which can be used for washing; spritz and wipe, splashy wash and fresh locks shampoo, two products for moisturising; huggy lotion and cheeky cream and finally there is baba oil for massage (among many other things!). All the products come in a handy clear wallet along with a cotton face cloth. Ideal for hand luggage on a flight, or even to go in your hospital bag if you are expecting a baby.  The travel goodies set retails at £15 or individual products are available in larger sizes for £6 for the baba oil or £4 for all the other products.


The Pros 

  • With ingredients such as lavender, geranium, sweet almond oil, orange flower water, marshmallow extract, limewater, bitter orange extract, jojoba, chamomile, and lemon oil – the miamoo products all smell amazing! I loved that they didn’t smell like ‘baby’ products – Toby smelled so delicious after his bath I couldn’t stop sniffing his head!
  • I really liked the fact that the products are all made from natural ingredients with no hidden nasties.
  • We used splashy wash and fresh locks shampoo in the bath. The splashy wash made plenty of gentle bubbles and did a great job of cleaning Toby’s delicate skin without irritating it. We don’t always use shampoo but the fresh locks shampoo did a great job.
  • The spritz and wipe is lovely and fresh smelling. To be honest I didn’t think it was a product we really needed but it had been great to give Toby’s bum a quick spray when doing a nappy change – we use washable baby wipes and although I soak them in an essential oil solution you don’t get the same fresh smell that you get from disposable baby wipes.
  • The huggy lotion and the baba oil are very easy to apply; I used the huggy lotion on Toby’s arms and legs, followed by the baba oil. They left his skin feeling very smooth and soft – we had four or five days with no eczema flare up at all. It did come back a little bit behind his knees but I think this was more down to me not moisturising quite as often as I should have for a day or so. Both of these products are absorbed into the skin really quickly which is great when you’ve got a wriggly baby who really doesn’t want to lie still while you spend ages rubbing cream in!
  • The dry patches and the nasty dribble rash that Toby had on his chin cleared up completely after just a couple of days. I used the huggy lotion, baba oil and cheeky cream (not all at the same time, although I think you can do this) and having previously tried all sorts of lotions and potions I was amazed at how quickly Toby’s face cleared up.
  • I really love the fact that miamoo products have a multitude of uses and can be used by all the family. This is fantastic for saving space and money both at home, and even more importantly it means we don’t have to take loads of different products if we go away (which is a great bonus when we have a car full of baby stuff as it is!)
  • I’ve noticed a little of each product goes a long way. This, along with the very reasonable prices, makes miamoo great value for money.
  • I haven’t specifically been using the miamoo products myself but I’ve noticed that the eczema and dry skin on my hands has improved as a by-product of putting the creams and oil onto Toby.
  • As well as the products themselves there is lots of great information and advice on the miamoo website about how to care for dry and sensitive skin, and which are the best products to use.

applying huggy lotion

The Cons

  • The only product I wasn’t as impressed with was the cheeky cream. Toby has never had real nappy rash but often his bum gets a bit red looking. We usually use Sudocrem which clears it up in one application but I found that even after using the cheeky cream at every nappy change Toby’s bum was still red at the end of the day. That said, I did use it on his face as well and it seemed to help in clearing up his dribble rash.

The Verdict

We really liked the miamoo travel goodies set. I think the products are all very reasonably priced and I would be happy to keep using them on not only Toby but myself as well. In fact, once my travel sizes have run out I think I’ll probably be ordering some of the products in the full size versions.

miamoo are very kindly offering all my readers 10% off any full price products – just enter the code Blog13 at the checkout.

**Disclaimer: We were sent the miamoo travel goodies set in return for this review. All opinions are my own.

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A letter to Matilda Mae

Matilda Mae

Dear Matilda Mae,

I didn’t know you.

I never met you and I have never met or spoken to your mummy or daddy, or your brother or sister.

Until I started writing a blog a few months ago I had never even heard of you.

When I started writing about my little boy Toby I started talking to lots of other bloggers on Twitter and I saw your name come up over and over again.

It was around the time of the Welly Walk that your mummy and daddy had organised.

So I went to your mummy’s blog to find out what it was all about.

And that was when I found out about you and what had happened.

I read your mummy’s letter to you and I could not imagine the pain she must have felt.

The pain that your whole family must still feel.

I can honestly say I have thought about you every day since then.

Your name is always in my mind.

Little Matilda Mae who has gone to the stars.

But gone too soon.

You have touched the lives of so many people.

Your mummy has done so much to raise awareness and raise money for The Lullaby Trust.

So that perhaps another baby might live.

Even though you could not.

Every night I give my little Toby Bear an extra kiss.

So that he might stay safe.

And I think of you.

Matilda Mae.

You will never be forgotten.

Love xx

P.S. Purple is my favourite colour too.

Letters for Matilda Mae


Living Arrows 4/52

This is now week four in the I Heart Snapping Living Arrows project – I can’t believe how fast time is going at the moment!

This week I decided to post two pictures. In both pictures I have chosen Toby isn’t looking at the camera and I love the serious expressions he has. I’ve also done a bit of editing on both photos to make them almost black and white. My husband has Photoshop but seeing as I have to borrow his laptop to use it I’ve been doing a bit of experimenting with picmonkey.com. It seems pretty good for what I need it for, for the moment anyway.

Here’s the shots. I’m really pleased with them but please let me know what you think.

Serious baby

Baby in a bear suit

living arrows

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The Ordinary Moments #11

I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me again this week for some more ‘Ordinary Moments’.

Baby bath time

Toby usually gets a bath about three times a week. Bath time is very much daddy’s domain and up until now we’ve been using a lie-back bath support but Toby has started to get very wriggly (both in and out of the bath!) lately. We decided that a bath seat might help and got this one in the Kiddicare sale. It has suckers to stick it to the bottom of the bath but also swivels on its base to make it easy to get your baby in and out. Toby seems to quite like it so far although daddy reckons it’s harder to wash him in it.

Toby doesn’t mind the bath at the moment but I wouldn’t really say he enjoys it. He got some bath toys for Christmas but isn’t too interested in them yet. I’m really looking forward to the days when bath time becomes a fun end to the day…and we can make soap sud mohicans!

mummy daddy me

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Knitting Friday #6

It’s taken two weeks but I have finally finished sewing all the bits of Toby’s bear suit together. It was fairly straight forward apart from the feet (which I’m still not sure I got right!) although I did realise it’s much harder to sew up knitting when you didn’t do the original knitting yourself.

Anyway, here’s Toby modelling the finished product. Isn’t he just too cute?!

Baby in a bear suit

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[The Prompt: Week 2] The state of education


I’m linking up with the lovely Sara at mumturnedmom again this week for her new linky ‘The Prompt’. I really enjoyed reading all the other posts that linked up last week. It’s interesting to see everyone’s different takes on the same prompt.

And so, to this weeks prompt…

I was saddened by………….

I was saddened by a tweet I read this week in which someone said the TV documentary Educating Yorkshire, which this week won a National Television Award for Best Documentary Series,  made them “despair for our education in this country”. As a secondary school teacher myself it made me think about the impression those with no experience of secondary education, other than their own, have of our schools today.

I live in Fife, in the east of Scotland and in my four years of teaching I have taught in four different schools. Three of those schools have a high proportion of pupils from low income families. The school I taught in most recently over 40% of pupils are eligible for free school meals. The pupils I deal with every day (when I’m not on maternity leave that is) are not dissimilar to those kids you see on programmes like Educating Yorkshire, or Educating Essex which came before it.

A lot of the kids I teach are often labelled as ‘challenging’. It’s been in the news recently that two-fifths of newly qualified teachers leave the profession within five years. To me this is a shocking, but not surprising statistic. According to the Ofsted Chief Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw – “Many new recruits are quitting the classroom because they are inadequately prepared for dealing with unruly pupils”. And I can believe it; behaviour of some pupils in some schools is appalling. If you’ve seen Educating Yorkshire you might have an idea of the kind of things pupils get up to – if you haven’t let me give you a few examples of the kind of behaviour that I have had to deal with in my four short years as a teacher:

  • I have been sworn at more times than I care to remember
  • I have kids flatly refusing to follow any instructions they are given
  • I rarely get through a lesson without having to send someone out of the room for causing a disruption
  • I have, on two separate occasions, had pupils overturn their desks in anger
  • I have waited more than 15 minutes for a class to stop talking so I could start the lesson. (I tried every tactic I could think of to get them to be quiet – in the end, waiting it out seemed the best option)
  • I have kids pushing or hitting each other almost daily
  • I have had two 14 year old boys have a fight in my classroom, with chairs, when I was about 5 months pregnant!
  • And that’s not to mention the general chatter, answering back and disrespect that happens in every lesson.

I can understand why some new teachers can’t cope with the behaviour they have to deal with. I’ve been lucky that in every school I have worked in there has been a decent behaviour policy in place which is backed up by support from senior members of staff. And there are always some kids who are well behaved, who do want to work and to learn. I’m sure there are schools where the general standard of behaviour is better, but to some degree or another wherever you find kids, you will find badly behaved kids. There have been many times over the last four years where I’ve thought I couldn’t cope, that I had made the wrong decision by going into teaching and if you look at the way teaching is portrayed in the media then you would wonder why anyone would do it.

But this is what makes me sad; we shouldn’t despair over the state of education in this country, although I’ll be the first to admit I’m glad I teach in Scotland, out of the reach of Michael Gove and all the terrible decisions he keeps making about education in England. Because, these kids don’t need despairing over, they need help to overcome whatever it is that makes them behave the way they do. They need some hope, that if they work hard at school then they can achieve, that they can make something of themselves. My main role, as a teacher, is not to teach these kids French or Spanish. It’s to teach them how to respect one another, how to work with other people, how to communicate, how to trust that there are adults who will do their best for them, how to ask for help, how to become responsible members of society.

There are no excuses for bad behaviour, but there are often reasons behind it. Some of the kids I teach just don’t know any better. Maybe, the kid who is falling asleep at his desk, or staring out of the window in a daze didn’t go to bed until 1am last night because he had to stay up and look after his little sister while his mum was working the night shift at the 24 hour supermarket because that’s the only job she can get. Maybe the kid who shouts and swears is just following the example of his dad, because that’s what he does when he wants something. Maybe the boy who is having a fight is so angry with everyone because he lives in a children’s home and when he sees his mum every third month she makes him promises she can’t keep and it takes the next month for his teachers and support workers to get him back on track. Maybe the boy who can’t sit still in his seat and keeps shouting out the answers is really trying his best to keep his ADHD under control but sometimes his impulses are stronger than he can manage.

So I try to understand why these kids are acting the way they are (and believe me, their stories make me feel sad every day), and I do what I can to show them the right way to act, the right way to behave, and therefore, hopefully, the right way to learn. I set consistent boundaries and I stick to them. I don’t let them get away with poor behaviour but nor do I just shout at them, because sometimes they spend their time at home being shouted at, adding my voice to the mix isn’t going to get them to do what I need them to do. So I talk to them, I reason with them and I get them to do what I need them to do but I make them think that it was their idea. And I know that there are thousands of teachers out there who are working their asses off to do the very best they can for all the kids that they teach. So don’t despair for the state of education in our country. There’s really no need.


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