The Ordinary Moments #10

I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me again this week for some more ‘Ordinary Moments’.

At Christmas we gave Toby his first solid food to play with. He has eaten a few things since then but he doesn’t really seem that interested at the moment. Still, I’m trying to give him the opportunity to eat at least once a day and this week he tried porridge for the first time!

Baby eating porridge

I wasn’t sure if he had actually eaten any or not, he seemed to spit most of it out. That was until the next day’s nappy – then I was sure he had definitely eaten some! And I will leave you with that image….it is after all a very ordinary moment for all parents of young children!

mummy daddy me

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14 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #10

    • Actually, it’s a bit of a sneaky shot – I was feeding him (he won’t put anything in his mouth himself) and I’d just put the bowl down to grab the camera. I took it off him again before he had chance to throw it anywhere!!

  1. Aww bless him. Weaning is so much fun, even if you get covered in food at times. Enjoy it and let it take however long it needs to. He’ll get there.

  2. Ah I remember that stage well, wondering whether they had eaten or not and then inspecting the nappies to see if they had. 😉 I don’t have that problem anymore as LL would eat more than me given half the chance! x

  3. This is so beautiful and funny! The picture says it all…I will never forget my daughter’s adventures with food when we started weaning her xx

  4. Little Man still hasn’t had porrdge at 8 months. I cannot bare the thought of the mess – it sets like concrete between their fingers and is a nightmare to wash off – Weetabix is the same! He looks like he’s enjoying it! x

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